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Zoidcom Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ZCom_AddressZoidcom network address
ZCom_BitStreamBitstreams are Zoidcom's native data exchange objects
ZCom_BitStream::BitPosPosition in bitstream
ZCom_ConnGroupManagerA manager for connection groups
ZCom_ConnStatsConnection statistics
ZCom_ControlNetwork host
ZCom_FileTransInfoFile transfer information
ZCom_Interpolate< T, SIZE >Interpolator template replicating numeric data and interpolating it between updates
ZCom_MoveUpdateListener< T >Callback interface for movement update related information
ZCom_NodeZCom_Node represents one networkable object
ZCom_NodeEventInterceptorInterface for intercepting node events
ZCom_NodeReplicationInterceptorInterface for intercepting node replications
ZCom_Replicate_BoolReplicator for bool
ZCom_Replicate_BoolpReplicator for bool*
ZCom_Replicate_MemblockA basic replicator for memory chunks
ZCom_Replicate_Movement< T, SIZE >Replicator for object positions
ZCom_Replicate_Numeric< T, SIZE >Replicator template replicating numeric data (single value or vector)
ZCom_Replicate_StringpReplicator for C-strings
ZCom_Replicate_StringWpReplicator for C-strings
ZCom_ReplicatorThe replicator interface
ZCom_ReplicatorAdvancedInterface for advanced replicators which need high level of control
ZCom_ReplicatorBasicInterface for standard data replicators
ZCom_ReplicatorSetupBase class for replicator parameters
ZCom_RSetupInterpolate< T >Parameter class for interpolating replicators
ZCom_RSetupMovement< T >Parameter class for movement replicators
ZCom_RSetupNumericParameter class for numeric replicators
ZCom_RSetupStringParameter class for string replicators
ZoidComMain control class. May be instantiated only once

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